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Working towards eradicating period poverty and ensuring sanitary dignity


Who We Are

Save the Girl Child Movement (SGCM) is a non-governmental organisation commited to improving the educational  outcomes of girls. We have a multi-prong approach: sanitarywear relief, mentorship and sponsorship.


Save the Girl Child Movement

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Sanitarywear Relief

One Step at a Time

SGV is aimed firstly at physical relief by the provision of free sanitary pads (disposable and reusable) to adolescent girls. Our first roll out took place in the village Mbizingwe in Esigodini, Zimbabwe on 11 August 2015 gave pads to 47 girls. The girls were provided with 4 packs of 10 disposable pads each and a bag of three reusable pads that come with underwear that the pads can be pinned down onto with the studs. The pads are manufactured by a Subz Pads, which is based in Kwa-Zulu Natal. Since then, with the now established support of the Geddes Foundation in Cyprus. We are currently giving continuous support of sanitary wear to 72 girls. The pads are distributed bi-annually to our continued beneficiaries, or ‘Saved Girls’. However, we have managed to distribute pads to 250 girls in the Esigodini area and peri-urban Harare between August 2015 and September 2016 as a result of gracious donations in kind.


Uplifting the girl child

SGCM's mentorship prong opens up parent-to-child communcation and provides guidance and counseling to the girls to ensure their academic success in school. It aims at addressing challenges across different spheres (e.g.: domestic, school, community life). It engages the parents and work to curb the son preference in households where there are limited resources. In 2016, girls we given hygiene hampers including buckets for bathing, soap, deodorant and candles for them to see with whilst doing their homework after sunset.

Save the Girl sponsorship

Reinforcing our Commitment

This is a kind of ‘adopt-a-girl’ initiative. It supports needful girls at risk of dropping out without financial intervention. It sponsors girls with school-related expenses. Supporting 6 girls at present with uniforms and school fees; will be increase to support 11 by year end. Recently the girls are also being sponsored with bicycles to ease the fatiguing 10km to Nsezi Secondary which is the nearest school, and the school at which the majority of the Saved Girls are pursuing their education.

#LetsGetPaddedUp Fundraising

Mobilising sanitary wear

Each year at SGCM, we have an annual #LetsGetPaddedUp sanitarywear drive and menstrual hygiene awareness campaign. The first began in 2016. The 2018 campaign raised over $2,500 (USD) to ship 1 ton donation of reusable pads from Brisbane, Australia to Zimbabwe.

“If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation).”

- African proverb


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