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Day 8

We saw the weekend kickstart the Survivor Stories series and learned from the brave voices of Kiri Manatsa and Rudo Manyama. It brought us to reflect of the "Narcism epidemic", which we tweeted about yesterday. Today, #Day8, 16 Days of Artivism launches HerHour Podcast powered by Incubator. HerHour is a fun, cheeky and thought provoking biweekly about the burden and blessing of being a female in the 21st Century. Her Hour, Her Views, Her Story, Her Philosophy, Her Sophistication, Her Identity, Her Issues, Her Concerns. It’s all about her!!! Please tune in on: https://www.facebook.com/IncubatorZW/

Also, as it's Man Crush Monday and we're having a social media drive, allow me to introduce you to some of the Zimbabwean men speaking up against Gender-Based Violence: Arthur, Robert, Panashe, Tafadzwa and and MJ Sings.




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